• The Trade Show Salon


    The International Show of Materials and Equipment for Public Works, Construction and stone-quarrying of Tunis is a show where the material and equipment necessary for the activity of public works, stone-quarrying, mining sector and of every other related are exhibited. It is a biennial professional show. It is an open international show.

    BTP EXPO aims at :

    • Highlight, every two years, the evolution of the markets of public works and Stone-quarrying and mining sector Activities.
    • Proposing to the professionals constructors, representatives and importers a presentation space.
    • Diversifying the resources of supply.
    • Ensuring technological developments and informing about the recent techniques and the new methods.
    • Presenting the set of the professions relative to industry ofmechanical construction, public works and mining activities.
    • Enlarging the technical relations through a diversified knowledge of the engineering offices.
    • Be present at the workshops about the organization of the construction sites and the Load economy.
    • Developing the activities of representation, of linking, of promotion of technical partnerships and business development.
    • Increasing the volume of sales and developing the brand image of the company.
    • BTP EXPO is evolving:
        For the exhibitors :
      • Return on conductive investment
      • Growing Professional visitors
      • Embodiment of a significant business volume during the Show
      • Participation at the workshops of maintenance and repair

    This Show hopes to be a showcase of the new technologies in the sectors of Public Works, Constructions, Yards and Quarries.
    In the mid-term, the Show…of the Maghreb and the African countries.